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to Unravel the fighters/Athlete's
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About Maximum Fitness

Losing weight is never easy and convenient. You only grow in any aspect of your life by pushing against a greater resistance. Maximum Fitness methods adapt to a personalized training approach, no two individuals are ever the same so why should we all train the same.

Why you should worry about carrying that extra weight?

We have all heard these words, The Obesity Epidemic. People carrying extra weight are more vulnerable to many life threating and chronic diseases including Diabetes, Cancers and Heart Disease. Lifestyle modifications that include a healthy & balanced diet, regular exercise and shedding those

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Qualified trainer

Haitham Arifaki

Proper direction is the ultimate solution for your fitness-training program and having an expert trainer is essential to putting you in the right direction, so that your efforts are channelized properly and your input has equal output. At Maximum Fitness, your trainer Haitham Arifaki is the best sought after mentor, his expertise will push you to levels that guarantee results.

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Gain Ultimate Strength and Power in 90 days.

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Strength doesn't come from winning, our struggles develops our strengths,
When we go through hardships and do not surrender,
that is strength.